Salvaging discarded objects that he comes across during his business workdays, Patrick Allen is a lifelong artist who skillfully repurposes items that others have no more use for. From metal gears to lace curtains, he uses the material he finds to create unique sculptures and paintings that are both evocative and profound. By blending these found materials together he creates meaning where there is none and depth of beauty that is both unique and inspiring. He has been recognized as one of the accomplished artists in Napa Open Studios, 2018.

In creating this latest series of paintings, "Turns with Sun," Patrick has used common objects to create a stunning, visionary series of floral imagery. These paintings create an entire universe unto themselves, imbued with a haunting and delicate beauty.

Sunflower Triptych

Turns with Sun

The sunflowers face east,
Waiting every morning,
Waiting for the one thing
that moves them: the sun,
The great symbol of truth.
My interest in the sunflowers
is their similarities with
the human spirit:
What do we look to and
What moves us;
What are the things that
inspire us and keep us
What do we wait for every
What is our truth.